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Human Resource

We offer full-cycle HR consulting including recruitment, onboarding, compensation and benefits, legislation and compliance, performance management, policies, employment standards, employee assessments, communication, training and engagement.  This process is intended to develop more strategic objectives relating to human resources and human capital and to maximize employee performance.

Transformational and Performance Coaching

We act as a thought partner in the coaching process. Through a collaborative exploration approach, we guide people towards a growth mindset, helping them change the way they see themselves, improve the way they interact with others and more effectively set and achieve goals.  This process is intended to inspire people to maximize their personal and professional potential.


We offer a strategic process that uses a combination of information-gathering techniques, such as interviews, focus groups and questionnaires.  Workplace assessments are helpful for poorly performing work teams, high rates of turnover or absenteeism, incidences of workplace hostility, or when a series of informal complaints about a specific workplace issue have been presented. This process is intended to improve the workplace culture and build the trust of employees.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”